Friday, 5 April 2013

NZ120 Pics of the week.

Next week with any luck the Ba might appear.. If we are really lucky perhaps the Zh's. In the mean time 2 more Zm's arrive at the paint booth that demand attention.

Nothing really new or exciting going on in the development world, some more pics of the layout as it gains momentum.. 

NZ120 Steam Shed, not sure why a shunter needs to be on the turntable... "back away real slow like"

DXR Crossing the creek/stream/river, keep changing my mind on what it is.. If I were modelling a Chinese High Speed Railway the bridge would be perfect as it is, but alas... more intricate steel work needed please!

High Dynamic Range goodness..

A rather uncommon but nice view. Is that atmosphere? :P

Mmmm, DXR

The DXR run's through a restricted speed area until this area gets regraded & Flexi laid. This section is quite possibly the last of the dodgy track work before steam can resume its revenue service.

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