Friday, 26 April 2013

KATO ; Double Track Plate Girder Bridge, Gray.

With the recent purchase of  4x 186mm (7 5/16") Double Track Plate Girder Bridge, Gray. I find myself painting it in red brown followed by dry brushing with lighter colours. The effect worked really well although it needs a bit more work yet.

A rather smart looking NZ120 Trackgang Products WM DG kit. Also worth mentioning are the new florescent lights you can just see, imported about 60 of em from thailand so selling em on trademe should pay  themselves & more!

A rather shy DG on what appears to be a lazy train makeup..

Another view of the bridge.

DG at speed (it does happen..)

Showing off what appears to be a tunnel portal into another dimension, I really need to finish the hill...

Moving the camera on HDR gives a rather messy effect. Oddly enough the loco came out ok.

Its been a rather busy week with old friends turning up from overseas, so nothing new to mention except the K test print is almost on its way.

For the steam lovers,

And a wee video...

Or two, eeDF & JA

NZ120 DG Class

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