Tuesday, 2 April 2013

JA & DXR Painted

Showing off JA & DXR Pictures of them after a paint job. The JA is based on an Auckland JA with the white stripes. The DXR paint scheme is based on how it first looked, in the NZR Corporate colour scheme.

The stream underneath has built up a thick surface on top, like custard after its cooled. I think in the next couple of days it will be ready for water effects to be applied.

The JA tender is sitting on a donor tender chassis (Quite happy to murder a perfectly good n gauge loco for chassis) so it appears to sit a bit higher than it should, once wheels are fitted on the 3d bogies it will look good.
And yes.. I will be 3d printing a more suitable NZ steel girder bridge....

As mentioned on a motorised dandruff blog, lipstick on a pig... I do have the "New Zealand Railways" logo to go on the long hood with the logo, but as usual it seems, if you need it you wont ever find it with the organized decals tray...

Shes got a sexy mid section..

The actual prototype.. (Image credit's to Wikipedia - Original Link)

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