Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bulk Powder Container Loads

Tonight is a simple challenge, producing a Bulk Powder "Container Load". Fortunately I had the NZ Model Journal - March 2013 of which had nz120 & nz64 plans with loads of reference photo's. More Here http://www.nzmrg.org.nz/index.html

The ribbing shouldn't make it given the printer tolerance, also the only material made available is Strong & Flexible Polished, making hopefully smooth sides. But a test print will show the results.

I'm rather tempted to add lots of detail, but the small detail parts might lead to issues so smooth it is!



  1. Hi Peter.Cool!!
    Are these still being used?And what do/did they cart in these and where.
    Im unable to post on the 1:120 site anymore for some computer reason,cant work it out!!

  2. Cheers, you might need to try logging in with another web browser.
    Not sure if they still use em?

  3. I think they're still in use for the Steel Mill lime traffic. They were used to ship flour out of Canterbury for a few years after the plaster traffic ended - but from the pics I've seen of the flour pods they were heavily modified (i.e. the piping at the bottom was significantly changed and one of the loading domes was removed).