Saturday, 17 August 2013

W wagon & Db Part 2

A quick post to show off progress on the W wagon & Db Class. Note the Corona bottle cap to give an idea of the scale! The db is currently getting a good cleanup with Tamiya Finishing Abrasive paper. I've also purchased 0.2 Piano wire for the handrails, using fine drills to drill into the nylon model & a touch of super glue will ensure a tidy & robust job.

Not to forget, the W Wagon Plans can be found in NZ Model Journal - September 2012 of which are available in the scales nz120, nz64 & 1:87 (HO) and as always loads of reference photo's! If you haven't yet resubscribed for the magazine or need to order backissues then head to

Still a bit to go on the W wagon, The door lock mech should be easy enough to scratch build with styrene & brass wire! For the brake lever I will use trackgangproducts detail parts.
Top View

Looking from the rear!

Df (Scratch built using dandruffs df in a day technique) Dft (Trackgangs) & DL class (Shapeways FUD)

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