Monday, 12 August 2013

W Wagon & Db Prints Arrive

Showing off 1 week later 2 designs, designed - printed - delivered under 1 week. I have to say I'm impressed to see the quick turn around. The quality of the prints is somewhat great! These photos were taken after I first scrubbed the models down with a toothbrush & toothpaste then rinsed under the hot tap & blowing down via the air compressor then repeated until all the oil was removed. I then primed the model. 

The W wagon doesn't require brass bearings, simply fitted 2 Wheels & Couplers from trackgangs. Its quite freerolling so worth me getting some more for the steamers to tug around.

Sitting on an Atlas SD-7. The bogie sideframes are half a mm to low.. might have to redo then add bogie detail, brake linkages etc.

*Updated, now painted & rolling around the layout.. The perfect holes for the wheels mean no fiddly bearings. simply pop the wheels in,  perfect alignment of wheels & no derailments gives me confidence to invest in a decent rake for the steamers!

The Db Class turned out quite a stunner, couplers, airhoses & airhorns so far..

I can't find any #8 wire to attach so may as well go with the fine wire then its painting, I intend on red with white stripes. 

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